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Topic 1 1.4 What does elearning mean to you?
It's always interesting to hear what different people think of when they hear the term 'elearning' as it covers such a broad area of education, technology and communication.
Please post a short reply to this message describing what the term 'elearning' means to you. Once you have posted your ...
Topic 9 9.2 Student Feedback and Participation Review

9.2 Student Feedback and Participation Review

From student feedback and looking back through the course logs, what are the key points you can take from the comments and opinions of students? What activities or content did student like the best, which did they find least useful? Did students fully...
9.3 Self Assessment Review

9.3 Self Assessment Review

In the previous activity we discussed the feedback you had received from students and their activity levels by looking at your course log files.

Now we'll discuss your personal experiences from running your course online. What do you think worked worked well from a ...