Reference & Search Engines


Animated American Sign Language Dictionary (3-6)

Look up words and actually see someone interpret the word using American Sign Language! (3-6)

 Find the meaning or spelling of words using this online dictionary.

Word Central's Student Dictionary (1-6)

Get basic definitions from this student dictionary.


Acronyms and Abbreviations (3-6)

You'll be able to find the meaning of UNICEF or NAACP by searching this site full of all sorts of acronyms.

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (3-6)

Find out what dying queen said, "All my possessions for a moment of time."  You'll find famous quotations from throughout history and from around the world in this searchable database. (1-6)

Search over 50,000 articles in this free online encyclopedia by Electric Library.

General Reference:

Enchanted Learning (K-6)

This is a tremendous site full of all sorts of searchable learning resources for kids & teachers!

World Population Clock (3-6)

View monthly updates on the human population of planet Earth presented by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Search Engines:

Ask Jeeves for Kids (K-6)

Let Jeeves help you search the Internet.  Using natural language, you can ask questions, and Jeeves will fetch a list of sites to help you!

KidsClick! (K-6)

This is a great internet search engine/directory for kids put together by librarians!

Yahooligans! (K-6)

You can search this great directory, the kid's version of Yahoo!

Thesauri: (3-6)

Find synonyms (words that have the same meanings) or antonyms (words that have opposite meanings).



Astronomy for Kids  (3-6)

Find detailed information on all nine planets along with maps and guides to the stars.

Constellations and Their Stars (4-6)

Find out about the constellations and the stars that make them up.

Kennedy Space Center (4-6)

Learn about the launching of various NASA spacecraft.

NASA Kids (2-6)

Play a game, learn about rockets or find out the name of a famous astronaut.  This is a great site for kids of all ages!

Space Shuttle Columbia (3-6)

Learn about the ill-fated Columbia space shuttle and her dedicated crew. 


Atoms Family (4-6)

Take a ghoulish trip through principles of Chemistry with members of the Atoms Family!

Chem4Kids (4-6)

Learn about the chemical elements, atoms and matter. 

Earth Sciences & Nature:

Animal Planet (K-6)

Find out about the animal kingdom from aardvarks to zebras!

Dinosauria Online (4-6)

Discover a dinosaur dictionary and a photo gallery of real dinosaur remains.

Earth Sciences Enterprise (3-6)

NASA's site about Planet Earth.  Learn about what makes up this remarkable, life-supporting planet.

General: (3-6)

Take a zany tour of the sciences with Bill Nye, "the Science Guy."

Bright Sparcs (4-6)

Find very brief biographical information about more than 4,000 individuals with accomplishments in science, technology and medicine.  Biographies succinctly identify the achievement or association of the individual.

Inventor's Hall of Fame (4-6)

Provides biographies of famous innovators in technology.  


Science Fair Central (4-6)

Find projects and ideas for science fair projects. (4-6)

Get some expert advice on putting together a winning science fair project.

Health and the Body:

MEDtropolis Virtual Body (4-6)

This site will get under your skin and give you an interactive tour of the human body!

KidsHealth (K-6)

Find out how to keep your body healthy or learn about common illnesses.

Geography & Countries


Flags of All Countries (2-6)

The name of this site says it all.  You can find and print images of flags from any existing country.


Map Quest (4-6)

Find maps for just about anywhere in the world.  You can also create directional maps. (3-6)

This online atlas offers everything!  You can find political maps from around the world.  Topographical and weather center maps are available for any worldwide location!

U.S. Geography (3-6)

This site is nicely organized and easy to use.  You will find information about all of the 50 States.

United States Geography (4-6)

Find out about any of the 50 States.  You can find capitals, flags, flowers and songs or maps and satellite images of America.

World Geography:

AppuKids (2-6)

Discover a vast amount of information on the countries and cultures of the world.  You might even want to take a virtual safari!

Geography Center (2-6)

This site provides easy-to-find and very detailed maps that you can print for every nation in the world.

United Nations Cyberschoolbus (4-6)

Explore countries around the world and find out about how these countries work together in the United Nations.

WorldFactbook (4-6)

Get information on modern nations of the world.  Find out about their government, population, economy, agriculture, etc.  This site provides excellent maps.

History & Government

Ancient & Mediaeval History:

Ancient Greece & Rome (4-6)

Learn about the glory that was Greece and the grandeur that was Rome with this online tour of the ancient Greco-Roman world.

Little Horus Web Site (3-6)

Let a little bird guide you through the history and culture of Ancient Egypt.  Learn about mummies and pyramids. (4-6)

Take an interactive tour of the Middle Ages.  A well-organized timeline will guide you through the history of the period from 800-1499 A.D..


Abraham Lincoln (3-6)

Get the facts and some great photographs of and about the sixteenth President of the United States.

American Presidents:  Life Portraits (3-6)

Find a picture of Teddy Roosevelt or read the inaugural address of President Andrew Jackson.  You're sure to find out something you didn't know about the Chief Executives of the United States of America.

Anne Frank Center (3-6)

Find out about this courageous girl who hid with her family in Nazi Germany. (3-6)

Search for brief biographies for thousands of well-known individuals in this database sponsored by the Biography Channel.

Bright Sparcs (4-6)

Find very brief biographical information about more than 4,000 individuals with accomplishments in science, technology and medicine.  Biographies succinctly identify the achievement or association of the individual.


          Colonial Hall (4-6)

Find biographies of America's Founding Fathers from John Adams to George Walton.  Biographies are nicely categorised by colony.

Inventor's Hall of Fame (4-6)

Provides biographies of famous innovators in technology.  

Indiana History & Government

Access Indiana (4-6)

This is the official web site of the State of Indiana.  Find Indiana Laws or visit the Department of Education.  Just about anything you want to know about Indiana government is available here!

Henry County Historical Society (3-6)

Find out about the history of Henry County, Indiana and the services offered by this local museum/archive.

Indiana Historical Bureau (4-6)

Search for historical information about your State.  Find a local historical marker or print out a portrait of one of Indiana's governors.  This is a great site!

U.S. History & Government:

African American Odyssey (4-6)

This Library of Congress site will give you some eyewitness accounts of what the American experience has been like for African American citizens of the United States.

American Memory (4-6)

This is a huge collection of Library of Congress historical materials.  You'll find pictures, letters, movies, cartoons and articles on everything you can think of from the Annie Oakley to Ziegfield Follies.

American Originals (3-6)

Read the great documents and speeches that made and changed American history.

American Revolution for Kids (3-6)

Find out about the heroic Americans that fought for Independence from Great Britain.

America's Story (1-6)

This Library of Congress site offers sights and sounds of America's history.  Enjoy a graphical tour of your country's remarkable history!

Civil War (3-6)

Relive the Civil War through timelines, pictures and articles about the war that split America down the middle.

Underground Railroad (3-6)

Discover how some Americans worked to free African slaves during the years before Emancipation.  This site is an unforgettable journey through history!

White House (K-6)

Visit our nation's most famous residence in the kids' only zone of!

World History & Government:

British Monarchy (4-6)

This is the official site of the British Royal Family.  Find out about the kings and queens of England or read the must up-to-date information about England's first family.

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments (4-6)

This site maintained by the Central Intelligence Agency lists the names of Chiefs of States and cabinet members for all foreign governments.  This site includes U.S. ambassadors in foreign countries.

Europa:  European Union Online (4-6)

Learn about the work of Europe's united government council.  This site is not specifically for kids, but it is plainly written.

Explore Parliament (3-6)

This site, built for kids, will help you understand how Great Britain's parliament works.

Kids' View of World War II (3-6)

Learn about the war that your great-grandparents lived through.  Find interviews, fashion and entertainment for the era of the Second Great War.

War Times Journal (4-6)

Find out what happened to Marie Antionette in the French Revolution, read President U.S. Grant's memoirs or discover what kind of weapons were used during World War II.  It's all here!

Worldwide Governments on the WWW (3-6)

Use this index to find official governments sites for governments around the globe!

Numbers & Math


A+ Math (1-6)

Use this interactive site to refine your basic math skills!

Cool Math 4 Kids (1-6)

Games and interactive quizzes will help you practice your arithmetic.

Multiplication Table Applet (2-6)

Practice learning your multiplication tables with this simple and fun interactive multiplication table.



Counting Change (K-3)

Play different games that will help you learn how to calculate change.


Fractions (3-6)

Find out how to work with fractions as this very useful site.

Museums & Monuments

Local Museums & Monuments:

Children's Museum of Indianapolis (K-6)

Voted one of the greatest family destinations in America, this wonderful museum is full of displays and activities for kids of all ages.

Conner Prairie (K-6)

Step back into Indiana of the 1830s when you visit Conner Prairie, a living pioneer museum in Noblesville, Indiana.

Eiteljorg Museum (3-6)

Learn about the contributions of Native Americans through the informative exhibits at this state-of-the-art museum of Indian and Western American art and culture.

Indiana Parks and Monuments (3-6)

Take photo tours of some of Indiana's greatest commemorative monuments.

Indiana State Museum (3-6)

One of the finest museums in Indiana, you'll learn about the pre-history and history of the State of Indiana inside a beautiful and unique building in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Lincoln Museum (3-6)

Opened in 1931, this museum is the world's largest dedicated to the life and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln.  It is located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Minnetrista Cultural Center & Oakhurst Gardens (K-6)

These unique museums offer all sorts of rotating exhibitions that appeal to kids.  Also, visit the restored Ball Mansion and beautiful and peaceful gardens.  Located in Muncie, Indiana.

National Museums & Monuments:

Arlington National Cemetery (3-6)

Visit the final resting place of some of America's greatest heroes in Washington, D.C.

Library of Congress (3-6)

Tour the virtual exhibitions of the national repository, the Library of Congress.

Lincoln Memorial (3-6)

Take a look at this huge tribute to President Abraham Lincoln in Washington, D.C.

Metropolitan Museum of Art (3-6)

Visit online galleries on the web site of this famous New York City Museum full of ancient sculptures, famous paintings and a costume collection that covers seven centuries of dress!

Mount Rushmore (3-6)

Learn how over 400 workers carved the faces of these great Americans in the side of a mountain!

Museum of Science & Industry (3-6)

This Chicago museum has everything to satisfy the curious mind. 

National Gallery of Art (3-6)

Take an online tour of some of the greatest pieces of collected graphic art at the National Gallery of Art.

Pilgrim Hall Museum (3-6)

Learn about the early pilgrims that settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Read their story and visit online exhibits.

Smithsonian Institution (3-6)

This is the largest museum network in the United States.  Check out some really cool online displays or plan a trip to this American institution.

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island (3-6)

Learn about this American symbol of liberty.  Thousands of immigrants came to America through Ellis Island, and the Statue became a beacon of hope for new Americans.

Washington Monument (3-6)

Check out this really cool obelisk in our nation's capital, honoring President George Washington.

International Museums & Monuments:

British Museum (3-6)

This museum is world famous for it's collection of priceless items from Ancient Egypt!  Check out treasures from the pyramids.

Eiffel Tower (3-6)

Discover how this unique monument was built in 1889 for the International Exhibition of Paris.

Leaning Tower of Pisa (3-6)

Look at some great pictures of this 12th Century tower that has become world famous for surviving its slant!

Louvre (3-6)

Check out the armless Venus de Milo or look for Mona Lisa's eyebrows in the great online exhibitions of the most famous museum in Europe!

Olympic Museum (3-6)

Tour this museum located in Lausanne, Switzerland that celebrates the spirit of the Olympic games.

Tower of London Kids Tour (2-6) 

Let Reginald Raven guide you through the tower of London that has housed prisoners and jewels for centuries!

Vatican Museums (4-6)

This site has over 5,000 images of the Vatican's collection of ancient, mediaeval and renaissance arts.

World Trade Center Memorial

This site commemorates the tragic destruction of the World Trade Center skyscrapers in New York City.

Sports & Hobbies

Sports: (4-6)

Check of the official site for this internationally famous dog-sled race.

Major League Baseball (3-6)

This the official site of Major League Baseball. (3-6)

This is the official site of  National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. (3-6)

This is the official site of the National Basketball Association. (3-6)

This is the official site of the National Football League.

Sports Illustrated for Kids (2-6)

This is the online version of the sports buff magazine for kids!

United States Soccer Federation (3-6)

This is the official site for the United States Soccer Federation.

United States Tennis Association (3-6)

This is the official site of the United States Tennis Association.

Youth Sports Network (3-6)

This group supports competitive sports for America's youth.


British North America Philatelic Society for Kids (2-6)

Philtatelic societies are dedicated to stamp collecting.  Learn how to start and build your own stamp collection on this site!

ChessKids (3-6)

Learn how to play this great game of strategy on this site!

Joseph Wu's Origami Page (3-6)

Find cool origami diagrams and a great online gallery of origami masterpieces. (K-6)

This is the official Beanie Baby site!

U.S. Mint for Kids (2-6)

If you've been saving quarters from each of the States, you'll have a blast on this site just for kids with games and lots of great money facts from the U.S. Mint!

World GenWeb for Kids (2-6)

Genealogy is a great hobby for kids who are interested in the history of their family.  Find out how you can start tracing your family tree online!

Reading/Writing & Books

Language Arts:

Alphabet Action (K-2)

You'll have a ball with this interactive game for kids.  It will help you with phonics and letter recognition.

English Activities Online for Kids (1-6)

Explore the English language at this great site full of fun online exercises for beginning and accomplished young readers.

Stone Soup (2-6)

This is a great literary magazine for young authors.  Read stories or look at great kid-made illustrations.


Internet Public Library Youth Division (2-6)

Visit this virtual library of Internet links arranged by subject.

New Castle-Henry County Public Library (K-6)

Check out the great resources at your local public library.

Books: Children's Books (1-6)

Buy or just browse through books for children.  These are arranged by genre and subject.

Artemis Fowl (4-6)

This is the official site of the popular adventure series.

Association for Library Service to Children: Cool Sites for Kids (K-6)

Follow these links to some of your favourite author's web sites!

Children's Book Awards (K-6)

A tremendous list of international awards given to children's books along with book lists of titles.

Children's and Young Adult Authors & Illustrators Index (3-6)

Find links to all kinds of authors and illustrators!

Definitive Laura Ingalls Wilder Page (3-6)

Find just about everything you would ever want to know about the Little House on the Prairie series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Eric Carle (K-3)

If you like Carle's wonderfully illustrated books, you'll enjoy this informative web site!

Gary Paulsen (4-6)

Gary Paulsen fans will love this site dedicated to the award-winning author and his books!

Harry Potter (4-6)

If you've been infected by Pottermania, you'll enjoy this site.

Junie B. Jones (K-3)

Visit the site dedicated to the mischievous Junie B. Jones, who has now passed into First Grade!  There are fun games and activities as well as interesting facts about the books and author.

Left Behind Series:  the Kids (4-6)

If you've been following this bestselling Christian series for kids, you'll want to check out the web site to find out what's coming up next!

Lemony Snicket (4-6)

If you are a fan of the Unfortunate Series of Events books, you will certainly enjoy this dismal site filled with unentertaining games and  morbid facts about the most unlucky Baudelaire orphans and the wicked Count Olaf, who is pursuing the childrens' fortune.

Lois Lowry (2-6)

This is the official site of this Newbery Award-winning author.

Magic Tree House Book Series (K-4)

Visit Mary Pope Osborne's site featuring her widely-read Magic Tree House book series.

Narnia (3-6)

Check out this site full of great original illustrations and interactive maps from C.S. Lewis's children's classic fantasies!

Patricia Polacco (K-6)

Visit this author's site full of information about her great books like Babushka's Doll and My Ol' Man.

Peter Rabbit Official Web Site (K-6)

Enjoy the charming characters of Beatrix Potter on this wonderful site!

Pooh Corner (K-6)

If you like the silly old bear, you're sure to love this site featuring the original A.A. Milne characters.

Scholastic Books (K-6)

Enjoy learning about your favourite authors or play games featuring your favourite characters!

Seussville (K-3)

Explore the virtual land of Dr. Seuss on this great web site with games and lots of fun for everyone!

World of Curious George (K-3)

Feel free to monkey around on this site dedicated to Margret Rey's memorable little monkey, Curious George.

Young Hoosier Book Award (K-6)

Home of the prestigious YHBA award.  Don't miss this year's opportunity to be a part of selecting the best titles in children's literature.



AccessArt (3-6)

Provides great tutorials and online exercises for young artists in training! (K-3)

Colour a picture or send a card from this cool site for kids!

Fine Art Sites Just for Kids (K-6)

Try new art projects or look at galleries of art produced by kids.

Haring Kids Interactive Coloring Book (K-3)

Have fun coloring pictures or making up funny stories about the pictures that you find on this really cool kids site!


Danman's Picture Chords (K-6)

Click on any chord and see the fingerings on a real piano keyboard! (K-3)

Let the American Symphony Orchestra League take you on a fun-filled journey through the sections of the orchestra and hear the sound of the instruments that work together to produce beautiful music!

Tour the Instruments (K-6)

See picture, hear the sounds and read this histories of today's musical instruments!

Trouble with Treble (2-6)

Take a guided tour of basic music reading lessons designed for kids!


Adventures from the Book of Virtues (K-6)

Based on William Bennet's excellent book, kids can join Annie & Zach as they learn about courage, honesty and respect!

Arthur (K-3)

This is the official web site of Marc Brown's Arthur.

Barney (K-2)

Not very many imaginary purple dinosaurs have their own web site, but Barney does!

Between the Lions (K-3)

Play games or just hang out with these literary lions!

Caillou (K-3)

Find colouring pages or play counting games with Caillou.

Clifford (K-3)

He's big, red and doesn't bite.  Have fun visiting Clifford and his family! (K-6)

Share some time with your favourite Disney characters as

Dragon Tales (K-3)

Join Emmy & Max and their dragon friends for online adventures.

Jay-Jay (K-2)

High-flying fun waits for you on Jay-Jay's site for kids!

Mister Roger's Neighborhood (K-2)

Become Mr. Roger's "web site neighbor" on this great site for kids!

Nick Jr. (K-6)

Visit Dora the Explorer or Steve & his dog, Blue, on this site!

Sesame Street Workshop (K-3)

Find stories, coloring pages, games and music on this Sesame Street site with all your favourite characters!

Teletubbies (K-2)

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa & Po are waiting for you to come and play on their web site!

Theodore Tugboat (K-2)

Spend some time with this loveable tugboat and his friends!

Thomas & Friends (K-3)

Visit Thomas and his friends on their very own web site!

Zoboomafoo (K-6)

Join the Kratt Brothers and friends on this wild web site!

Zoom (K-6)

Play games or meet the cast of this popular PBS series!

News & Magazines:

Kid's Castle (2-6)

This is an online magazine for kids from the Smithsonian Institute. (2-6)

National Geographic Magazine for kids!

PencilNews (2-6)

Pick up the headlines from this MSNBC news service for kids!

Time for Kids (3-6)

This version of Time Magazine is especially designed for kids.  Find the latest news and in-depth articles on current events.

Weekly Reader (2-6)

A great and time-test magazine for kids Kindergarten through pre-teen.

Wired Owl (2-6)

You'll find loads of fun and information on this exciting online kids magazine!

Yahooligan's News (3-6)

Read all about it on this kids site from Yahoo!

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