Current Events Assignment

Directions and Example

The objective of the current event assignment is for students to practice reading informational writing, to gain knowledge of events going on in the world, to practice written and oral summation and to gain presentation skills.

You will be responsible for completing one (1) current event article/assignment during each 6 week grading period. Current events will be presented on Fridays at the beginning of class. Assigned days can be found posted in the classroom. Current event assignments are NOT accepted late. Each student is responsible for knowing when their turn is and being ready on that date. The only time a current event will be accepted late is when a student is absent, in which case it must be given on the day the student returns to class.

My current event is due on: _____________________________________


  1. Select an article about a French/ Spanish -speaking country.

- Articles should NOT be fictional.

- Articles can be found on the Internet, in magazines, or in the newspaper. (make sure to use a reputable news source. For example: CNN, The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, etc.)
- The article must have been written within the last 6 months.
- Articles should not be too short. An article with only 2 paragraphs, an Internet blurb, weather reports or just pictures are considered inappropriate for this assignment.

  1. Print or cut out the article.
  2. Read the article.
  3. Write a summary of the article. (in English)

- This can be handwritten or typed.

- Summaries should be one good paragraph (7-10 sentences) in length.

  1. Write another paragraph stating your opinion of the event or article. (in English)

- You may agree or disagree with the event, possible outcomes of the event, or any other opinion regarding the article.

- This is not another summary of the article.

  1. Attach the article to the finished assignment.

Students will have to present their current event to the class. Presentations should be 2-3 minutes in length and should contain the same information as the writing. Students will NOT read their summaries - they should know the information well enough to speak about it. Good oral presenters speak clearly, loudly, slowly and show knowledge of their article and give their opinion. I suggest students practice at home before giving their presentation in class. The presentation may be given in English this time.

Current Events Written Product Example

Audrey Hannaford
French I - Period 1
Current Events

“Spacewalking Astronauts Repair Station”

The two astronauts on the international space station left the station Tuesday to do some outside repairs. The two astronauts, Russian Gennady Padalka and American Mike Fincke left the space station empty while they were outside. Usually a third person is on the station, but since the Columbia disaster there has been only two people on the space station. The men installed laser reflectors and antennas to get ready for a cargo ship that will be coming next year. They also changed some science experiments and disconnected a TV camera’s electrical cable. At one point, communication was lost between the men and Earth. A NASA official said a main U.S. radio link had been turned off by flight controllers, but communication was soon restored through Russian ground stations.

I think it is interesting to hear what astronauts are doing out is space. I hope that a third person should be at the I.S.S., though. I do not think it is safe for the two men to be out in space, with no one to help them. I like to see that the United States and Russia are working together. If all the countries of the world worked together, the space station would be better and we could advance the technologies faster.

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