Computer lab websites/lesson ideas/templates

This website is designed to give you a quick reference to ideas, sites and templates that have been used in the past during computer lab time with me.

I have tried to divide by grade level, but feel free to take a look at all levels

Websites for all grades:

NoodleTools Express - MLA - citing sources
US states - Enchanted Learning - US states


State Reports with

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

Lincoln/Net - a very intensive site - probably best suited for grades 6 thru 12

Abraham Lincoln Online

Indiana's Lincoln

Presidents site - The White House

Miller Center

Seasonal/Holiday Themes

More Seasonal/Holiday Themes


Fun Mathematics Lessons - for all grade levels  


Grade level Websites Lesson Ideas
Kindergarten Starfall Basic log on/log off skills, letter recognition with logging on and Word, Spreadsheet Magic (Excel) Counting 1-10, Counting 2(11-20), Kidspiration
1st Grade

Watch video of animals on the farm
Look under Science 

Basic Word skills, PowerPoint - My 1st Grade Year, ABC book, Animal book, Kidspiration projects,  
2nd Grade Solar system site

Presidents site - more detailed info

US states
Excel - Weather chart, Publisher ant flyer, Publisher made-up country brochure, President PowerPoint, Solar system PowerPoint,  Yuckiest Foods survey results
3rd Grade

Henry County Convention & Visitors Bureau 

Audubon Project Puffin
Atlantic Puffin Facts for Kids

New Castle Community brochure, Publisher recycled item ad, Publisher lost flyer
4th Grade   My 4th grade year - a year long PowerPoint project, Animal Specialist brochure, Famous person portrait in Paint
5th Grade Presidents site

US states at Enchanted Learning

More US states - US states

US Geological Survey water usage site

Acrostic in PowerPoint, President PowerPoint, Survival skills brochure. State brochure, President brochure
6th grade CIA World Factbook


PowerPoint Acrostic, Maps in Paint, Research paper and webs in Kidspiration
All Levels

Sheppard Software - great educational games!
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