Resources forImplementing Common Core

CyberSmart lesson plans - lessons to help students use the Internet safely, responsibily and effectively! Includes cyberbullying lessons! - a web-based guide to museum related info. Links to museums, virtual exhibits, games, activities and learning resources. Virtual exhibits offers 55 topics!

Pioneer website - great info on trails and emigrant info in Wyoming

Marshall Brain's HowStuffWorks Express - WOW - great site - internet projects, lesson ideas, etc.

EduHound - K-12 - great resources

HomeworkSpot - A great teacher and student resource K-12 - includes Ask An Expert link

Eduscapes - a great site for teachers, parents and students - no age limit!!

NASA - NASA's main page - many links (you know how I like the "space" stuff!)

NASA Education Programs - links to many resources

StarChild - a great site to use with the traveling StarLab - great space/science related site!!

Teachers Helping Teachers - created by teachers for teachers. Great collection of information - all for FREE

Awesome ClipArt for Kids Worsheets & Puzzles - create your own!

I'm a Teacher... - sponsored by Weekly Reader, pre-K thru 6, links, activities, ideas

Puzzlermaker - make your own puzzle! Great tool for a quick educational game - list of resources

ThinkQuest Library - great examples of student created units

C-Span in the Classroom - free membership that provides support and lesson plans in conjuction with programming. Best used for grades 7-12. Great for current events

FREE - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - A single entry point for searching hundreds of educational resources available thru US govt. agencies.

Filamentality - Interactive website to help you use web resources in the classroom

Effective Searching - includes general search engines and prescreened ones for the classroom - great thematic sites with tons of links, webquests, etc.

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