Class Participation

Remember - when "connecting" with others,  BE SAFE !   If you want your students to email with their own account - contact me about using Gaggle or ePals(which allows you to monitor all emails and includes a filter as well)

Nasa Quests - webcasts, forums, chats, etc. EnergyNet - let your students learn about saving energy
Bird Sleuth - this site can give you ideas about creating your own "watch" (without paying to join their watch!)  Don't forget to use - Wildbirds Unlimited feeder cam in your project
 Peace Corp Scholastic Explorers join in on discussions and activities around the world

Track the migration of leatherback turtles wtih Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute!! 

The Bancroft Arnesen Expedition - Although Ann & Liv's journey is complete, there are other expeditions listed here
Iditarod Official Website - Check out the Teacher on the Trail FrogWatch USA - collect info on frog & toad populations and help the US Geological Survey team monitor them.
Whalenet - track marine life using satellite Virtual Explorers- great for grades 5-12, part of the Virtual Explorers research.  Topics change and you can communicate with the research team Classroom Exchange - join the largest online classroom community - also includes teacher resources.

Journey North - have your class participate in Spring & Fall migrations and interact with other students
Dive and Discover - Expeditions to the seafloor

Nautilus Live - follow deep-sea exploration in real time

Okeanos Explorer by NOAA - explore the global ocean - Filtered - email, blogs, youtube and more

Global Schoolhouse Projects

International Education & Resource Network-IEARN

ThinkQuest/ThinkQuest Junior

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