Web Quests

 Kathy Schrock's WebQuest slide presentation - a great presentation to read before you get started.

TechTrekkers Webquests - Great resource by subject - grade level is in ( )

Search for WebQuests at TeacherWeb - search by grade level and/or topic I highly recommend this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Kathi Mitchell Virtual School - great!

WebQuest 101 - a tutorial 

The WebQuest Page at San Diego State Univ. - Reading & Training Materials help explain the concept with several links to articles, examples, tutorials.  Click on Examples link to see some extensive webquests.

WebQuest Taskonomy - explore 12 ways to "task your learner".  This article examines the most important part of the Quest "The task

WebQuests 101 - The Word of WebQuests - another site on links, resources and ideas

Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests

Creating WebQuest Learning Environments - examples and tips on adapting to your individual needs, as well as step-by-step instructions for creating and integrating your own Quest into the curriculum

Building Blocks of a WebQuest - another site to help you get started creating your own!

Guilford County Schools WebQuests - search by subject or grade. Use as a guide or use existing ones.  This site also has some great links.

TeachersFirst WebQuest Collection - many examples of online quests.

 In Search of Stellaluna's Family - A great bat WebQuest for Grades 1-3.  To start, students first read the book "Stellaluna"

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