Links to topics by month sites
(Includes holidays(traditional and non-traditional))
These are great links to lesson plans by month!!!!!!

January Sites


February Sites

Groundhog Day - sponsored by Punxsatawney Chamber of Commerce

Black History Month

 Don't forget Presidents' Day  - click here for quizzes, and information provided by Family  



    March Sites

Yahooligans!:  St. Patrick's Day - a list of sites on origins, projects, and games

Mostly Mardi Gras - learn about traditions and history

March is Women's History Month  - lots of information 


April Sites


May Sites

Memorial Day

Cinco de Mayo - the largest Mexican celebration in the US

Mother's Day

Cinco de Mayo - Lots of links

Armed Forces Day

Check out September sites for more Hispanic-related links


June Sites

Flag Day  - Flag Day is June 14th

Father's Day


July Sites

Canada Day

Independence Day  - the 4th of July - includes links to American historic documents


August Sites

August is National Inventor's Month - site created by Museum of Ancient Inventions - includes inventions from 7000 B.C.E. to 1700  


September Sites

The History of Labor Day - by the US Dept. of Labor

Labor Day

National Grandparents Day - history, contest and activities

Hispanic Heritage Month 9/15 thru 10/15 The People and History of Mexico Patriot Day
Latino Virtual Gallery - from the Smithsonian    


October Sites

Columbus Day - lots of information and links

Sparky the Dog - in conjuction with Fire Prevention Month

Yom Kippur

Halloween - includes word search



November Sites

An American Thanksgiving - for kids and family

Guy Fawkes Day - celebrated on November 5th - an English holiday

November is National American Heritage Month

Native Way Cookbook - recipes are indexed by dish, contemporary, traditional, tribe or nation

Maya Adventure - a great interactive site

Veteran's Day - lessons, activites, crafts

Plimoth Plantation - You are the historian - Investigate what happened at the first Thanksgiving in 1621.  Other links on the site include: Thanksgiving virtual field trip, talk like a pilgrim, coloring activities, and much more!




Kwanzaa Hanukkah
  The Kid's Domain - Print & play Christmas theme (word searches, coloring, puzzles, mazes)
Santa's Secret Village
North Pole Santaland



Miscellaneous holiday sites

Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales - not just for the holidays! -

United Nations CyberSchoolBus - a great site for specific global issue days (Human Rights Day, Peace Day, etc)

Wilstar Holiday Page - all major holidays

Mother's Holiday Calendar - list of links and resources for holidays

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