GeoGebra -  resources for all grade levels

Math Open Reference - free interactive math textbook that covers HS geometry and plans to expand

Ask Eric Lesson Plans -- Some very nice math lesson plans for all grade levels
Math Lessons and Courses -- An absolutely amazing collection of math lessons and courses...must see
Mathematics Lesson Plans -- Yup -- even more math lesson plans
Helping Your Child Learn Math -- Not a collection of lesson plans but excellent information for teachers to give to parents

SMILE Program Math Index - more than 200 single-concept lessons for grades 1-12. All lessons include templates, data sheets or graphics, plus instructions and expected outcomes

SOS MATHematics - includes well written lessons for teachers

Glossary of Mathematical Mistakes - makes a great starting point for attention-grabbing lessons

Math Tools - sponsored by Math Forum - starts at Pre-K

MiddleSchool.Net:Calculators - has all types of calculators

Math: Here, There & Everywhere - includes great activities by US Dept of Ed - great for classroom and home

Balanced Assessment - over 300 math assessment tasks developed at Harvard Graduate School of Education - topics include averages, sums, detective stories, triangles and volumes, to name a few.

Figure This! - English and Spanish math puzzles to help students master high-level concepts - for secondary students.

MIT - - free onlilne courseware in math, science & humanities

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