History and Social Studies/Economics/Human Rights/Equity and Diversity

History/Social Studies Lesson Plans -- A terrific list of lesson plans for social studies and history

Click here for some lessons from Thinkfinity on Pearl Harbor

150th Anniversary of Gettysburg

Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources --Wonderful site with lesson plans and resources...a must see for social studies teachers

Rand McNally Teacher’s Corner – free – maps, lesson plans, activities for Geography, Social Studies and History

Teacher’s Guide to Folklife Resources for K-12 – from the Library of Congress
History Matters - The US Survey Course on the Web - sponsored by George Mason Univ. to help teachers search the web for quality history-related sites and electronic resources

America Responds: Classroom Resources - Lesson plan for Gr. 2-6 on the UN Declaration of Human Rights from PBS

A Nation of Many Cultures - detailed lesson plan with step-by-step instructions to help K-5 students explore cultural heritage, family background and ethnic distinctiveness

Internet History Sourcebooks Project - collection of public domain and other documents that may be copied and used in the classroom
First Amendment - lesson plans on religious liberty, speech, press, assembly and petition

Teaching the First Amendment - all grades

Bill of Rights Institute - lesson plans on Billof Rights and Constitution and activities for students as well

Lesson Plans on teaching about taxes

Lessons and activites on taxes

Digital History - from the faculty of Univ. of Houston's history dept. & College of Education - great resource for K-12 teachers (and students)

Angie's Electronic Classroom - online activities, parent resources, teacher's corner and student projects

US National Archives & Records Administration historical videos - brought to you by Google Video - but not accessible at NCCSC

National History Education Clearinghouse - sponsored by George Mason Univ. for teachers of American history.

Smithsonian Source - primary-source materials for teaching American history.

www.icivics.org Free games to learn about government

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