Thin Clients

(Note: this page is to replace 1.4 Digital Campus Network Infrastructure presentation)

What are they and how do they differ from PCs? Sliding scale, not a black and white thin/fat client.
Completely standalone: PC fat client, shared desktop (like N-Computing)
Could boot independently: refurb PCs, samll PCs, surfboard
Must be connected to server: SunRa, zero-client

  • uniform desktop environment whichever access terminal is used
  • apps only need to be installed on one server to be available to all users
  • easy backup (one file system)
  • lower cost of devices
  • lower energy usage (can be powered by solar/wind systems)
  • longer lifetime of devices, old hardware can be reused
  • can ensure everyone has same version of software installed (e.g. that everyone has Flash or pdf reader installed)
  • a UPS only on the server means that no data is lost in case of power outage
  • smaller team of ICT needed
  • antivirus on one machine only (or not needed at all if using open source OS)

  • higher dependence on network
  • higher skill level needed by ICT team

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