Technology is an ever-changing opportunity of learning for staff and students.

Over the summer of 2009 the Technology & Information Services Department reorganized. The technical support model was changed in order to shift to a more collaborative district-wide model. This change also allowed for a shift of resources to be able to focus on technology integration at the classroom level.

The department supports Infinite Campus which is the student management system that tracks student information, attendance, health and more. Infinite Campus also allows parents and students to track attendance while at the secondary level they can also track assignments and grades.

Also supported by the department is the Novell network. All students and staff have their own personal network folder to save their work. This network is accessible by all the Macintosh and Windows desktops and laptops throughout the district. Students and staff also have e-mail accounts utilizing GroupWise.

Providing security and integrity to the district's network is crucial. Two different filtering/anti-spam systems are in place to block spam and viruses from getting into the district's system. Antivirus is also installed on local workstations.

Technology use is not just the computers. Various classrooms and curriculum areas are supported with the use of SMARTBoards, SMART Airliners, LCDs, sound systems, video equipment and response tools.

There are many and various applications available throughout the district to enhance learning and creating end-products of value. Different tools for collaboration of student/teacher work such as Wikis and GoogleDocs are being implemented in learning. Microsoft Office and OpenOffice are used for word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations. Other applications included are for organization of ideas, online learning, specific curriculum areas such as math and social studies, and programs to support students struggling in learning areas such as reading and math.

Technology tools and best practices are being gathered and shared among teachers. They share and mentor what is successful and what they have learned. It is an exciting and dynamic time for students and staff here at New Castle Community Schools.

Last modified: Monday, December 23, 2013, 3:32 PM