Semester, 1 credit

Prerequisite: None

Recommended: Digital Communication Tools & Computer Applications 12


Business Management is an advanced level business course that stresses the opportunities and challenges of managing a business in the free enterprise system.  Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate competencies by describing and applying management functions, principles, and processes that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals.  Students will gain experience in building decision making skills, employee motivation, evaluation, teamwork, and the basic functions of business management.  Emphasis will be placed on the supervisory skills of first-level management, but all levels of management will be addressed.  Philosophies of Drucker, Deming, Blanchard, and Massey will be studied.  Instructional strategies may include simulations, real world experiences, guest speakers, tours, and Internet access to business, computer/technology applications, and a one-day shadowing experience. There will be a lab fee charged for this class.

Business Foundations