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Digital Camera Tips

 When purchasing a digital camera, you need to know how you are going to use it, to help you determine what you want in a camera.

Spend some time reading up on digital cameras and do some research on the brands that stand out.  Everyone has their personal preferences.

Here are some great sites:

CNet free online classes - has classes on purchasing cameras, using cameras, etc.

Digital camera reviews by CNet

When you are taking pictures - make sure that your MP (megapixal) setting fits what you need.

If you are taking pictures that you plan to print - you will want to use a 3MP or higher setting.  This will result in a larger file size (higher dpi [dots per inch]) suitable for printing.

If you are taking pictures that are going to be put on a web page (or emailed) and not printed - your setting should be 1MP (or some cameras have an email/web setting).  This makes the file size smaller.

If you are going to use the larger size files on a web page - you will need to compress those images if you are limited on web folder size. 

My personal preferences on digital cameras - again, these are just my preferences!

  • Zoom is important to me - so I wanted a camera with the highest optical zoom - which at the time was 10x(approx 3 yrs ago)  There are some great prices on 12x to 15x optical zoom.  Digital zoom is something I rarely use and when I do, it is important to steady the camera when taking pictures.

  • Batteries.  I wanted batteries that I could buy anywhere at a cheaper price if my batteries run down.  That means I wanted something that used AA batteries.

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